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 Adriatic Boat Charter offers you a business model


which enables you to mix the pleasure of having your own yacht with measurable benefits offered by the Charter market. The program consists of buying a recommended brand of a motor yacht and letting it for rent to our chartering company. Our years-long experience allows you to gain an optimal return on investment and professional service throughout the whole cooperation time.


Professional service and ongoing maintenance

Your yacht will be under the constant care of our experienced people specialists who conduct yacht surveys regularly and verify the operation of all devices on it. Before signing the contract you get a list of monthly, winter or periodic jobs along with the pricelist. All maintenance, of course, finallyapproved by the owner. Thanks to this, you are aware and preparedon how we will technically care for your yacht.


Your precious time

Nowadays, we know very well how important every moment of our free time is. In this option, you can enjoy owning your dream yacht in a beautiful location without sacrificing your dear time on current matters related to it. We will take care of all this for you. We will complete all formalities in accordance with the applicable maritime law in the given country, we will prepare reports, commission work, etc. Everything for you to enjoy every sea moment without additional burdens.


Guaranteed monthly income

For about 6 months, you get a permanent additional one income depending on the charter location. Thanks to this, you are able to cover any yacht maintenance costs, recover partinvestment as well as enjoyadditional, independent income.


A stable investment

The charter market is a stable and strong market a growing segment of the tourism industry. It is based on a passion for sailing and spending activelyfree time on board the yacht in a warm water which is Croatia are undoubtedly. The islands are part of the Adriatic Basin's tourism economy  extremely important for the domestic economy generating significant revenue for the entire travel industry.

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